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Hand Craft
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How to

Step 1.

Insert the piece of American White oak into the bottle.

Step 2.

Let the piece of the barrel mingle inside the bottle, taste weekly.

Step 3.

Once you reach desired taste, remove the oak and enjoy! (Responsibly of course!)

The Power of Oak

There's more to oak than what it appears to be from the outside. Find out how Fogs End Distillery harnesses the Power of Oak.
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Read About

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Monterey Rye with Bixby Bridge in the background
Gold Medal Winner - TheFiftybest.com

Monterey Rye

Monterey Rye is aged in American and Hungarian Oak using a a process which produces flavors that are more natural, resembling the flavor of the rye grain itself.
Experience Now
Experience Now
California Moonshine with the woods in the background